Our Mission

It is the mission of the Gibson City Police Department to provide full police service to the public; by upholding the Constitution of the United States of America and the State of Illinois; by effectively and indiscriminately enforcing the law; by rendering assistance to the public whenever and wherever necessary; by cooperating with other law enforcement agencies in the reduction of unlawful activity; by furnishing assistance and information within departmental guidelines to other governmental and civic bodies; and by responding to all available resources, by responding to all requests for police service within the City of Gibson City in the most professional manner.

Goals and Objectives

  • To provide for the security, welfare, and orderly escort of all persons committed to the custody of the Gibson City Police Department.
  • To combat crime by designing and improving techniques to protect person and property and deter criminal activity and by improving the apprehension rate of criminals and stolen property.
  • To assure the prompt and efficient service of criminal and civil process.
  • To enhance the training, education, and image of the Gibson City Police Department by pursuing an aggressive training program whenever the manpower situation permits. Also, encouraging personnel to take advantage of educational opportunities whenever possible and conditional upon the demands for Department services. The Gibson City Police Department is constantly striving to improve the human relations skills of all personnel.
  • To cooperate with and assist agencies of government and the criminal justice system by sharing expertise and improving the level of all of our cooperative and lateral communication with all judicial, prosecuting, and law enforcement related agencies.
  • To maintain a high level of morale and job satisfaction among members of the Gibson City Police Department.